Christopher Rose Architects believes that giving back to our community is not just an opportunity that we have but a responsibility to our city and neighbors. Working with clients of means allows our office to provide pro bono or low rate services for the less fortunate and needy. Our staff actively participates through our gifts of time and support in the following organizations:

• The Red Cross Heroes for Fire Victims Program - providing housing assistance for families dislocated by fires.
• The City of Charleston Committee for Homeless and Affordable Housing
• CRAN Charleston - providing affordable housing designs for the City of Charleston
• The Preservation Society of Charleston Neighbor Labors Program - providing construction labor for elderly owner occupied homes in historic Charleston.
• Volunteers of America - affordable housing
• Charleston Affordable Housing - affordable housing
• Mental Health Association of SC - affordable housing
• The Housing Authority of Charleston - affordable housing
• Canstruction - providing food assistance

Ron Gossen Senior Project Manager AIA

Ron, a Navy brat and an almost lifetime resident of Charleston, South Carolina, has had a passion for architecture since the age of eight.  He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Louisiana State University in 1987 and returned to Charleston to begin his career.

Licensed since 1994, Ron has experience in an array of architectural disciplines.  His favorite, however, because it is so personal, is residential architecture.  In reference to his architectural style Ron says, “I have no style….my goal is to understand the needs and wishes of my client so well that their design reflects their style, not mine.”

Ron’s long term goal is to be a part in the planning of true neighborhoods.  He is a proponent of design which is sustainable and that which enhances the built environment while creating a better quality of life for its user.